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Submitted by john on 08 Oct 2012

Shhhhhh. You may not have heard much, but believe it or not, we are now officially underway in the Government’s much hailed Green Deal Scheme. October 1st marked the “soft launch” opening with the actual deadline being quietly slipped out until 28th January 2013. In my opinion, this may not be all that bad a thing as the respective industries of insulation, assessment, glazing, heating, renewable energy, the training sectors and the Green Deal Providers themselves could probably do with a bit more time to get their affairs in order and iron out some issues before things begin to pick up.

green deal
Submitted by john on 17 Jul 2012
Submitted by john on 28 Nov 2011
Submitted by markr on 19 Aug 2011

In this guest post, Robert Seaton from Brodies looks at the changing approaches to microgeneration in the planning system north and south of the Border.