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Bulletin: 31st October 2013

8 historic buildings that are (and were) environmentally friendly (Treehugger)
US retrofits

Startups compete to defeat the 'soft costs' of solar power (BusinessGreen)
Hardware is getting cheaper, but other costs are holding back solar energy - now a group of US startups are fighting to change that


Bulletin: 17th October 2013

Environmentally-friendly business is profitable business (Guardian)
Many associate sustainability with expense, but companies that have embraced it are financially outperforming


Bulletin: 3rd October 2013

Half of businesses think UK will miss CO2 targets (BusinessGreen)
Siemens and Energy Institute poll finds vast majority of firms are struggling to secure energy efficiency loans


Bulletin: 30th September 2013

What does the IPCC report mean for business and investors? (Guardian)

Sky heats up biomass switchover (BusinessGreen)
Livingston customer contact centre now powered by renewable heat and hot water


Bulletin: 16th September 2013

Japan turns off last nuclear reactor amid fears of surge in gas prices (Guardian)
Global demand for gas a backdrop to business concerns


Bulletin: 8th September 2013

Energy efficiency leaders move beyond small wins to Big Data (BusinessGreen)
Business analyses it's processes