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This group focuses on the addressing the information needs of public sector organisations and voluntary sector bodies to help them undertake and manage projects aimed at renewable energy generation and improved energy efficiency. It also covers the role of these organisations as catalysts to support initiatives for other groups and bodies.

So, whether you are a local authority, a government department, an agency, a voluntary body or a charity, if you're looking to develop or manage a green energy project this is the place to find out more, ask questions and discuss issues with your peers around the UK.

All material we publish on GEN that is of relevance to commercial businesses will be available from here.

Public & Voluntary Sector - Latest Articles

We describe an 'real life' approach by a solar PV installer to sell a home system - and some of the pitfalls you should look out for.
GEN reports from an expert seminar on the issues and challenges of undertaking energy efficiency work on older, traditional properties and whether the forthcoming Green Deal is likely to make this a whole lot easier.
DECC's recent consultation response on Feed-in Tariffs introduces the idea of Preliminary Accreditation - this has already operating for larger scale projects. This means you can pre-register your project for the current FiT tariffs in advance of it being built. It this as good as it sounds?
GEN organised and chaired an independent panel discussion at All-Energy 2012 on "How to get the best deal for exporting your power". Together with our audience we get the answers from 3 of the most respected power purchasers in this area. We ask the awkward questions, you can hear their answers..

Latest News

Bulletin: 31st October 2013

To frack or not to frack? Councils must make the final decision (Guardian)
Local government must be cautious and restrict fracking to protect communities and our planet

George Monbiot is mistaken – National Trust is not 'anti-wind, pro-fracking' (Guardian)
An explanation


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