Solar PV Feed-in Tariff changes are leaked today

It looks like the Government is about to take a major decision over the future of Solar PV in the UK.  A leak through the Energy Saving Trust website - now withdrawn - suggests not only drastic 50% cuts (from 43p to 21p) for domestic scale systems below 4 kW but also, and perhaps even more surprising, that the deadline for OfGem registrations is to be brought forward to 8th December.

This means unless you're about to get your system installed, you will probably be too late to get the current tariff rates.

The announcement also mentions that your property will need to have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of "C" or better to qualify for the highest tariff level.  This is to encourage homeowners to think about making their houses more energy efficient before they consider generating their own energy.

The document published on EST is available here.

A spokesman for DECC later said the published document was not final or accurate.

At yesterday's Solar PV Conference in Birmingham Energy Minister Greg Barker said solar PV was “burning through” the FiT budget and swift action was needed.

We will need to wait until Monday before we get the full and 'official' picture of Government FiT intentions for other scales of solar PV (and other small to medium scale renewable generation technologies).  To stress, the announcement on Monday is to kick off a consultation phase before DECC make a final decision.  However, if past experience is anything to go by, the result of any consultation is unlikely to have a significant impact on their thinking.